Judge Judy Recap 6/30/14: 47-Year-Old’s Loan Suit Against 23-Year-Old Ex-Boyfriend Dismissed

Judge Judy Sheindlin dismisses Christopher Starnes(photo)’ $2,475 suit against Aaron Murphy, for loans. The judge then awards $142.69 to Steven Wilson for former girlfriend Abigail Vaughn’s share of utilities. Judge Judy dismisses Steven’s suit for a flowered, purple bike. Judge Judy then awards Desiree King $5,000, for trees burned accidentally by a fire on her neighbor Robert Wiese’s lot. Witness Laurie Fossen had seen the fire in Robert’s fire pit.

Ex-Boyfriend’s Loan

We had not recapped 3 of today’s cases before. The 1st one involves Christopher, 47, who sues Graduate Student Aaron, 23, of Greensboro, NC, for loans. Aaron claims that it was a gift, that he didn’t ask for the money. The judge believes that he did ask for the money. She points out that Christopher was upfront with Aaron, that he wanted more than friendship, and Aaron had used him.

But she dismisses the case because Christopher had repeatedly loaned money to Aaron. The amounts were like $60-$100 at a time, for things like alcoholism class and rent. Christopher, who wears a white shirt with light green peeking out from the buttons area, claims that Aaron had not gone to rehab. Christopher had cut off Aaron end-February.

Judge Judy believes that the money Christopher had given Aaron were gifts, because Christopher kept giving Aaron money even after Aaron had paid Christopher for his previous loans. Christopher claims that Aaron had agreed to pay the loans with his taxes. Aaron tells the judge that he had worked a day a week at Panera Bread. He asks Judge Judy why Christopher would give him rent in the middle of December when rent is due on the 1st.


Steven sues Abigail of Citrus Heights, CA, for her share of utility bills. Abigail acknowledges that whatever Steven’s paperwork says is what she owes him. The judge decides that the flowered, purple bike was a gift.


Desiree King sues Robert for $5,000, for trees burned by a fire on Witness Laurie Fossen says that she was across the street at a lot with the property owners. She had smelled something “plasticky” and had gone over to Robert’s and saw fire in a fire pit. He did not answer the door. She then called the fire department. Robert tells the judge that he was not home when the fire started. He lives with his wife and 2 kids, 16 & 15. Judge Judy asks to see the trees. Desiree shows her how they looked in June 2013 and on May 15, 2014.

That’s our recap of Judge Judy today, 6/30/14. Tune in for tomorrow’s recap on the judge telling a man to get all the lies out of his head. Til then, you can check out our Judge Judy archive

Image credit: Judge Judy