Shark Tank Recap: PowerPot Earns Leverage via Emerging Markets Niche (4/11/14)

4.11.14 shark tank

Who could’ve thought that a pot of boiling water can power USB devices? When Caleb Light and David Toledo (photo in this recap) came on the Shark Tank, their PowerPot product was practically scoffed off as just another of those novelty items that could be fun for camping out; their reality was that it had a limited market that most of the Sharks didn’t find interesting. But then Mark Cuban specifically asked the owners’ market direction and learned of their tie-ups with organizations in emerging markets/ third world countries. Now this is undeniably a big market which made the product go…

Shark Tank Recap: $500k Funding for Plated’s Cooking Experience (4/4/14)

4.4.14 shark tank

Mark Cuban has no plans of cooking his meals but when it comes to Plated, he gamely risked $500,000 of his own money in today’s episode of Shark Tank to a business that’s projected to make $10 million in sales in just 12 months. Plated is marketed as the alternative to delivered meals: it sends fresh and healthy ingredients overnight in exact portions and a recipe to make a dish enough for 4 servings. In exchange for his investment, Mark gets a 5.56% stake plus advisory shares. Plated owners Nick Taranto and Josh Hix (photo in this recap) both have…

Shark Tank Recap: 16-y/o Takes $100k Funding for iReTron (3/14/14)

3.14.14 shark tank

Shark Tank became extremely interesting tonight when very young entrepreneurs talked about their big plans and showed their negotiation skills to Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec and the ever-shrewd Kevin O’Leary. The best deal sealed was with Jason Li (photo in this recap), a 16-year old social entrepreneur who made Barbara Corcoran believe in his efforts; so much that she offered to invest $100,000 just because she thinks he’s a winner. Add to that the fact that he talks like he’s in his 30s. Jason’s initial plan was to score a $100,000 funding for a 20% stake…

Shark Tank Recap: Mark Cuban Snatches U-Lace Deal for Mavericks (3/7/14)

3.7.14 shark tank

Kevin O’Leary just did Mark Cuban the biggest favor tonight on Shark Tank: a bargain offer for Tim Talley’s U-Lace and he didn’t even lift a finger for it! Kevin’s shrewdness may have gotten the best of him when he offered to fund the product in exchange for 50% equity. Tim (photo in this recap) found himself speechless but eventually gathered his voice when he negotiated a 35% stake. Everything happened so fast, including that big yes from Tim, that the normally talkative Kevin suddenly fell silent. Mark plans to use the U-Laces for the Dallas Mavericks’ use and promotion….

Shark Tank Recap: Buzzy Owner Deemed Arrogant for Rejecting Biz’s Correct Valuation (2/28/14)

2.28.14 shark tank

Shark Tank features persistent and extremely resolute entrepreneurs tonight. A couple is fortunate to get a deal while a pediatrician refutes any of the Sharks’ suggestions and offers, believing that her business is worth more than what it appears to be. This episode has Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran. Hayley Carr and Jennifer MacDonald’s ZipIt Bedding is the creative solution to children’s messy beds. The blanket is zipped to the bed cover so children are taught to keep their beds tidy without much work or urging. Hayley and Jennifer needed $75,000 (in exchange for…