Shark Tank Recap: 8th grader Andrea Cao lauded for developing QFlex, selling door-to-door (12/12/14)

12.12.14 shark tank

Shark Tank loves entrepreneurs who get out of their comfort zone to sell their products. Eight grader Andrea Cao (left in photo of this recap) falls in this category after developing a massage tool with her mother’s help. QFlex is a personal massager that follows the system of acupressure. All the Sharks were in awe at how Andrea sold the product from door-to-door, eventually gaining popularity through word of mouth from those who’ve tried the product. Did she and her mom get a deal? Find out in our recap of this episode. To date, Andrea and her mother Hong have…

Shark Tank Recap: Kevin O’Leary uses Costco entry as leverage in $2.5 million Zipz deal (12/5/14)

12.5.14 shark tank

Today on Shark Tank, the biggest deal was celebrated between Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary and Andrew McMurray (photo in this recap) for his company, Zipz. Mr. Wonderful negotiated a deal where he can bring in Zipz’ single-serve wines into Costco, the biggest wine purchaser in the world, for a hefty $2.5 million investment in exchange for 10% equity. Find more details in our recap of today’s episode. O’Leary, the most experienced wine connoisseur among the Sharks, told McMurray that the $2.99 entry price of Zipz won’t go anywhere, especially since a bottle of wine is somewhere below the $9.99 level….

Shark Tank Recap: Kitchen Safe co-owner emotionally defends product from Kevin O’Leary (11/21/14)

11.21.14 shark tank

Shark Tank’s Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary made another big splash tonight after calling Kitchen Safe a “piece of crap”. The product is all about a container with activated time lock which aims to fight any urge of bowing down to temptation, including junk food and remote controls. As Kevin continued to debunked the merits of the product, Kitchen Safe co-owner  David Krippendorf (left, in photo of this recap) fought back tears while claiming that the product’s benefits meant more to him than Kevin’s insinuations. Find out more in our recap of today’s episode. Kitchen Safe’s time lock doesn’t have overrides which…

Shark Tank Recap: Food portfolio expands w/ dairy-free cheese & vegan popcorn (11/14/14)

11.14.14 shark tank

Tonight on Shark Tank, we saw Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran expanding their investment portfolio with more interesting food items. Lori sealed the deal for the expansion of Heidi Ho dairy-free cheese while Barbara sought to help a brother-sister tandem in developing the distribution of their vegan popcorn line, Pipsnacks. Heidi Lovig’s Heidi Ho. Chef Heidi calls her dairy-free line of cheeses as the future of its kind, offering great taste without suffering from the health risks involved in eating regular cheese. Heidi needed $125,000 for working capital as her business is about to take off with more distribution offers lining…

Shark Tank Recap: Scalability issues hammer Priority One Canine, Man-Pack (11/7/14)

11.7.14 shark tank

Business scaling became a big issue on Shark Tank tonight where we saw the Sharks putting sense on why enterprises with a limited capacity to grow within a short or mid-term time frame can be counter-productive to the time and effort of investors. In the case of Priority One Canine and Man-Pack, the Sharks found limited potential in the services and products offered. Find out why in our recap of the episode. Wade & Lori Morrells’ Priority One Canine. The Morrells are in the business of providing customized security training for canines. They currently charge different rates based on various…