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Nerdles is one of the Internet’s fastest growing entertainment and technology websites. We provide breaking television and movie news, recaps, and reviews, along with relevant tech and gadget updates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Nerdles News for Nerds?
Nerdles is literally news for nerds – for nerds, by nerds.

Who owns Nerdles News for Nerds?
Nerdles News for Nerds is a private limited company owned and run by by a team of two Nerds who are not only passionate about entertainment and technology, but are as equally passionate about gathering like-minded nerds who have a passion for entertainment, tech, and the written word. We’re always looking for fresh voices – aspiring writers, journalism majors, and the Average Joe – to join Team Nerdles in providing fellow nerds around the globe with original, up-to-date news in the entertainment and technology industries.

Can I send you a press release?
Yes, you are more than welcome to send Team Nerdles your press release. Simply send us a message through our contact page indicating which area of interest your release pertains to (i.e. TV, movies, video games, etc.), and we will provide you with the correct contact details for the relevant editorial department.

Can I advertise on Nerdles News for Nerds?
Certainly! We have a range of advertising options available, including traditional banner placements or section sponsorship. For more information, please contact us through our contact page.

How do I go about becoming a reporter for Nerdles News for Nerds?
Nerdles News for Nerds posts details of any job vacancies with specifically targeted organizations. However, if you get in touch with us through our contact page we can provide you with a contact person and email address to log your details on file for future consideration. (Please view our “Write For Us” page for more information.)

Can I get work experience at Nerdles?
Yes, we are currently looking for a few people who want to master online journalism. (Please view our “Write For Us” page for more information.)

6 Responses to “About Us”
  1. Nikki says:

    If you would like me contact you on another platform I would gladly do so.. but again in the first paragraph the name is used out of context and instead of deleting the article or correcting the error adding the picture added insult to injury

  2. Nikki says:

    Before you respond, I politely request you re-read your article. The name “Nicole Crobak” is sited in two cases the first of which was done in error as Nicole Crobak was not involveded in a “baby-daddy” case, has no children, and was awarded no such money. It is inaccurate reporting and defaming and hopefully understandably you can see why I request for this articles removal due to this error.

  3. Nikki says:

    Your Judge Judy recap article is appearing in the Google search results when I search “Nicole Crobak” this article has false information and misrepresents me as my name is accidentally entered in the place of someone else’s whose case was unrelated to my own. http://www.nerdles.com/2013/11/06/judge-judy-600-for-bad-checks-to-babysitter-11613/

    I am writing to request the articles removal due to this error that is damaging and inaccurate

    • Amity Young says:

      Nikki, I’ve posted the photo of Nicole Crobak with the Judge Judy name label, in the recap. Have you seen this episode? It seems that you’re not the only Nicole Crobak in the world. Maybe a long-lost cousin? I have proof that this person exists. Now how do we know that you are really also Nicole Crobak? :)

      I’d like to assume, though, that you are who you claim you are. Then it’s unfortunate that someone with a seemingly unique name is confused with someone on Judge Judy. I wonder what kind of problems that gives you, like when you’re applying for a job.

      In the future, please post your comment below the recap itself.

      • Tammy Hollingsworth says:

        Hi Amity,
        I am trying to get a job but the post you put up of me on the Judge Judy show is showing up when prospective employers are Googling me. I am a single mother who is trying to move on from all that crap I went through but that information is preventing me from getting a job. Can you please see if you can remove it somehow? Please. It’s hard enough trying to get a job without that info showing up on Google and maybe you don’t care but I “won” the case but David never gave me back any of my stuff which was everything I owned. I had to start all over again with nothing but the clothes on my back. Please take this down for me. The part that is causing problems is the info about my DUI and drinking which was only due to the situation I was in, living in my car with no place to go. So I implore you to please do what you can to help me.
        Thank you

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