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Amity Young

“I’m too nerdy for normal, but not smart enough to be a nerd.”

Amity loves dogs, KTV, Word Web, Lexpert, Quiz Nights, and word puzzles. She has hosted a radio show, a wedding, an office affair and a clan party. She is an endorser of Geox shoes and the PLDT Household & Business Metro Manila Telephone Directory maps, but neither of these companies know that she exists. Although she has studied Legal Management, Psychology, Linguistics, Communication, and has been licensed as a non-life, life and mutual fund agent, her claim to fame is playing badminton left-handed when her right arm was injured. Check out her favorite TV shows of all time in the universe.

Eileen-Rillera Staff PhotoEileen, Entertainment Writer: eileen@nerdles.com

“I am an idler. If you dig Tom Hodgkinson, then you’ll definitely grasp my perspective.”

Eileen grew up in a liberal environment surrounded by country and jazz music. She believes that life should be lived with gusto on a daily basis; too much planning can ruin the mood. For years, she held a day job that required her to crunch numbers and analyze the economics of the modern world while daydreaming of writing her own novel. After realizing that she was spending more and more time with her computer, she decided to explore the world of freelance writing. Eileen derives her inspirations from Howard Roark, her beagles, DSH cat and travails in and around the metro via mountain bike.

Heinie-Hartenthorp Staff PhotoHeinie, Editor/MMA Writer: heinie@nerdles.com

“It’s funny how chaos scares the sh*t outta all of us. Thing is, it’s because of chaos that everything is born and created. So, what’s a world without chaos?”

Heinie is one busy guy. He’s been in radio for over a decade producing commercials and imaging materials for national radio stations. When the MMA crossed his line of sight in 2005, a new passion lit up inside of him. MMA training? Hell no! Just an addiction for the most honest brutality that ends in fair sportsmanship. Busy as he is, all his responsibilities go out the window for the MMA – UFC, Bellator, Strike Force, Super Fight League, WEC – all of it! For all the MMA rumors, breaking news, and live recaps, he’s our go-to guy!

Stan-Sy Staff PhotoStan, WWE Writer: stan@nerdles.com

“Cheering faces and booing heels since 2003. Owner of ten wrestling t-shirts (and counting). Nerd? You bet.”

Stan is a radio DJ, events host, troll, basketball fan, and most importantly, a wrestling fan. He has spent all his life looking for love. After discovering and nurturing his love and passion for radio, basketball, and wrestling, all that’s left for him to find is actual romance. He is one half of The Twisted Tag Team, which airs every weekend from 2-5 PM.



Willy-Preclaro Staff PhotoWilly, Graphic Digital Artist: willy@nerdles.com

“Asian-inspired, practically intelligent, and philosopically inclined.”

Willy is the digital mastermind behind Nerdles’ nerdy-yet-ubercool banner you see running atop every single page of this site. Willy loves taking the traditional arts and digitizing them for the 21st Century. Ultimately, he cares not for the technical aspects of “doing” art. Rather, he’s after that beautiful outcome of “creating” art. He is a true artist who continuously studies and hones his craft, and always tries to rise above his best to be better. Yes, folks. True story – better is better than best. He just doesn’t think out of the box – he creates his own! Check out his box of art in his portfolio here.

Matt-Barreto Staff PhotoMatt, Graphic Cartoon Artist: matt@nerdles.com

“I dig B-movies and I want to direct my own someday. People should be more forward, hesitation is a thing of the past.”

Matt hails from the Maryland, and frequently travels from the East Coast to the Far East. A graphic entrepreneur, societal deviant, and the winner of Stud Magazine’s 2012 Skinniest Bachelor Award, Matt is the self-proclaimed leading man in “Cartoon-ified Realism” today. His dream is to start his own T-shirt line using his wide array of hand drawn illustrations, and to one day design his own tattoos. When he’s not drawing, Matt can be found writing screenplays, crashing beachside parties, and not reading. Check out his gallery of art here.


Jason-Cruz Staff PhotoJason, Contributor: jason@nerdles.com

jsncruz, Mr. Positive. He writes too: “I believe in the power of positive thinking. I’m also a running addict, a wine geek, and a writer.”

Jason Cruz, or “jsncruz” as he is known in the jungles of the Internet, is a firm believer in personal choices and the power of thinking positively. He runs a lot and is a regular face at local running events. He’s also your not-boring and not-old wine geek when it comes to this grape juice, with over a hundred tasting notes and reviews under his (expanding) belt. A firm believer in peace, love, the environment and Darth Vader, jsncruz is not your average nerd.


Romeo-Moran Staff PhotoRomeo, WWE Contributor: romeo@nerdles.com

“My name’s Romeo and I’m such a wrestling nerd, my main goal in life is to make wrestling academic… whether you like it or not. I’m also a self-proclaimed intellectual savior of the masses. (You’re welcome.)”

Romeo is the thinking man’s wrestling fan. You can see it in the way he grapples with deep levels of analysis to put his columns together. More importantly, he is a fan before anything else, which means he knows when to put on his hat as a columnist and as a guy who just flat out loves wrestling. But he’s not some overweight couch potato who spends his days scouring the interwebs for somebody to love. He knows darn well how to live up to his name of being a true blue Romeo – but that’s a story for another day.

Tim Arends and Andy Applewood, Commentators: timandandy@nerdles.com

“Only Tim Arends speaks for Andy Applewood, and only Andy Applewood speaks for Tim Arends.”

Tim and Andy are the inseparable nerdy duo who will be giving video commentaries for Nerdles.

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