Judge Mathis Recap: Exes’ Defamation & Slander Suits Dismissed (8/15/14)

Judge Mathis Recap: Exes' Defamation & Slander Suits Dismissed (8/15/14)

Judge Mathis awards Jade Leigh $5,000 for ex-boyfriend Gregory Courtney’s loan & dismisses Gregory’s $1,500 for the engagement ring. Judge Mathis then awards Elizabeth Pitts $1,200 for a detox loan & dismisses her former friend Tiffany Hurst’s $500 counterclaim for defamation. Next, he dismisses Lacovia Harper(left, photo)’s $1,000 suit for defamation & her ex-boyfriend Joshua […]

Judge Mathis Recap 8/14/14: $2,153 for Friend’s 4 Months’ Rent

Judge Mathis Recap 8/14/14: $2,153 for Friend's 4 Months' Rent

Judge Mathis awards Brooke Stephens (left, photo) $2,153 for her friend Russell Crone(right)’s rent. Judge Mathis also awards James Hill $5,000 for lawyer’s fees &  emotional distress. Judge Mathis dismisses James’ ex-fiancee Dena Finney’s $5,000 countersuit for moving expenses, lost wages & emotional distress. The judge also awards Andre Hale $2,500 for Andre’s cousin Casey […]

Judge Mathis Recap: $5,000 for Son’s Loan (8/13/14)

Judge Mathis Recap: $5,000 for Son's Loan (8/13/14)

Judge Mathis awards Micah Bailey (photo) $5,000 for his son Byron Bailey’s loan. The judge also awards Lynette Hylkema $1,030 for former fiance Richard Crow’s loans & for the value of an engagement ring. Lastly, Judge Mathis awards Nikita Haywood $2,233 for sister Egypt Smith’s trip loan & property damages. Egypt claims that the trip was […]

20/20 Special Edition Recap: Robin Williams’ Julliard Teachers Didn’t Think He Would Make It as an Actor (8/12/14)

20/20 Special Edition Recap: Robin Williams' Julliard Teachers Didn't Think He Would Make It as an Actor (8/12/14)

In 20/20 Special Edition’s “The Life and Times of Robin Williams” report, we learn that Robin Williams based his Birdcage character on the Julliard teachers who didn’t think he would make it. It seems that Robin, 63, hanged himself yesterday at home and was pronounced dead at 12:02 am. He was battling depression and had checked […]

Extreme Weight Loss Recap: 4’5″ Sara Loses 136 Pounds (8/12/14)

Extreme Weight Loss Recap: 4'5" Sara Loses 136 Pounds (8/12/14)

Hypochondroplasia sufferer Sara‘s Extreme Weight Loss is 136 pounds, down to 109 pounds, or 55.51% of 245 pounds (left, photo). She of course qualifies for skin surgery. Sara runs the Honolulu Marathon, which Chris Powell points out is like 2 marathons for the average-sized person. Another highlight of today’s episode is Rocco DiSpirito‘s cooking up a healthy […]