Happy Feet 2 Review: A Squeaky Sequel

happy feet 2

In this second installment of the Happy Feet franchise, Mumble (voiced by Elijah Wood) has own child this time around, and just like his younger self, his son Erik (Elizabeth Daily, who voiced the young Mumble in the first film) has problems of his own, too. In the first Happy Feet, Mumble was the outcast […]

Immortals Review: The Gods Get Off Their Golden Highchairs to Kick Ass

Official Immortals movie poster

“Immortals” makes the Swords & Sandals Epics great once again. Have you noticed that in between every standout film about the Romans, or the Greeks, or the Spartans, and/or the Gods, there’s an awful movie in the middle? Maybe the Gods don’t want to spoil us. Gladiator was a classic. Then came Troy. That was […]

In Time Review: Great Acting With A Retro Feel

in time

“In Time” brings on a future that reminds us of the past and Justin Timberlake solidly places himself as a very capable action star. The premise set by Andrew Niccol is simple: Time is the new money in this future. People are born with 25 years to live. Once they turn 25, they are given […]

Margin Call Review: About Money, Worth the Money

Margin Call

Back in 2008, America’s financial industry collapsed, resulting in an economic crisis that still lingers with us today, and is only surpassed by the stock market crash back in 1929.  And that’s pretty much what the average Joe knows about that.  Well, almost. Margin Call covers a span of about 24 hours  at an investment […]