Health Sciences Institute Special Investigative Expose; US Government is allowing seniors to die prematurely

11.26.14 dr. oz

Video viewed 3 September 2015. In this report given by Jenny Thompson, Director, the Health Sciences Institute, HIS, alternative medicine‚Äôs premiere global information network, she states that people born before 1955, are dying off at an alarming rate and the rate is increasing. She says there is a deadly crisis in America that is killing […]

60 Minutes recap; Senators and congressmen are more concerned with themselves than with our country

60 Minutes

Segment aired 23 August 2015. Senator Tom Coburn announced that he has prostate cancer and will be resigning from his position 2 years early. Colburn is an obstetrician who has delivered over 4,000 babies and he has been a powerful government force against government spending. He opposes gay marriage, he is against abortion rights and […]