60 Minutes Recap; who is living next door? America’s most wanted found after 14 Years in Santa Monica, California

Segment aired 26 July 2015. James J. Bugler, nicknamed Whitey, a notorious Boston gangster and most wanted fugitive for over 14 years, was found in Santa Monica, California living with his long-time girlfriend. Two FBI agents finally caught him with the help of an alley cat and some breast implants, according to the report. Living […]

The Doctors ; Medical Marijuana use is becoming more Controlled

Episode dated, 14 July 2015. When should medical marijuana be used? How should it be used? There is a new medical marijuana device that may revolutionize marijuana use. Medical marijuana is getting a high tech makeover. Sjqe Medical, an Israeli company, has invented a metered dose pocket size cannabis inhaler that is available in 2015, […]

Inside Edition 29 June 2015- ABC 7:30p.m. – Highlights

Inside Edition highlighted several news events which included comments by presidential hopeful Donald Trump on illegal Mexican immigration. After making the comments both NBC and Donald Trump severed ties with each other. Both parties claimed to be the one that severed the ties. Donald claimed he is the one cutting the ties with NBC based […]