20/20 Recap: Christopher McCandless wanted to fully disassociate himself from family violence (11/7/14)

11.7.14 2020

Much has been told about Christopher “Chris” McCandless but his sister told 20/20 that her brother did not die in the Alaskan wilderness out of unpreparedness or selfishness as others have criticized. Carine, Chris’ sister, revealed that her brother ran away from a toxic family and wanted to come out of it fully done with […]

20/20 Recap: Michele Williams lined-up suspects, conflicting stories in hubby’s death (10/17/14)

10.17.14 2020

Today on 20/20, the only witness to the murder of self-made entrepreneur, Gregg Williams, was put on the spotlight following her conviction for the crime. It should have been a fairy tale story for Michele Williams (photo in this recap, along with Gregg) but it didn’t turn out that way. The validity of her claim […]

Dateline NBC Recap: Frank Howard’s kids believe his innocence in bankrolling hit on wife (10/17/14)

10.17.14 dateline nbc

Tonight, Dateline NBC examined the details surrounding the point-blank shooting of Nancy Shore on August 2012. Nancy (photo in this recap, along with husband Frank) was attacked in her home in the upscale side of Carrollton, Texas and shot above her left eye.  Miraculously, Nancy survived and lived on to face the harrowing revelations that […]

60 Minutes Recap 1/12/14: Marilu Henner, 10-Year-Old with Super Memories


3 years ago, 60 Minutes reported that only 6 people had Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory. Today, 50 have come forward, including Marilu Henner and a 10-year-old. And: Scott Pelley interviews Anthony Bosch, who claims that he personally delivered testosterone, human growth 1 and human growth hormone to Alex Rodriguez. Super Memories After Lesley Stahl featured 6 people […]