Black Man Shoots White Cop In The Face


Brian Moore, a 25 year old White police officer in New York, was shot in the face by Demetrius Blackwell, a Black man with a long history of violence Saturday. Moore is in stable condition thankfully. This is the 5th Police Officer shot at since December in New York City. Does this shooting rise to […]

George Takei Wrong In Calling For Indiana Boycott

george takei boycott indiana

Sulu needs to step back a minute and think through his actions in calling for a Statewide boycott in Indiana as a response to the new Religious Freedom Law that is seen to allow businesses to discriminate against the LGBT community. After the recent law was signed, George Takei, Star Trek hero, and genius of […]

Obama’s Abuse of Veto Power is about to begin

president's seal 1

The beginning Obama’s abuse of veto power is about to commence. On Monday President Obama referred to a silver hockey stick as a better tool than a pen for enforcing the stoppage of legislation. This is his view of using the power of the veto to stop legislation. What is true is that Obama has […]

New Blast in Ukraine


While Americans were gathering to watch Joey Logano win the Daytona 500 race a new blast in Ukraine occurred at a gathering celebrating the 1 year anniversary of 100 Ukraine deaths that lead to the ousting of the Pro-Russian president. Once again the Ukraine government is blaming Russia and Russian trained rebels on the explosion […]

SIM Card Hacking


SIM card hacking by the US NSA and UK GCHQ has been exposed this week.  Spies by both governments working in unison have broke into the cyber network at the SIM card manufacturer Gemalto and taken the encryption codes used in securing the data on SIM cards. This allows for the NSA and GCHQ to […]