60 Minutes Recap 2 August 2015; Health insurance companies allow people to die to save money

60 Minutes: The Bitter Truth About Sugar (8/5/12 Recap)

Two years ago 20 first graders and 6 educators were killed by a person with mental illness. The killer suffered from profound mental illness. The parents of the killer had sought treatment for their son but their health insurance provider denied payment for the treatment. 60 Minutes, because of recurring tragedies and an epidemic of […]

The Doctors ; Medical Marijuana use is becoming more Controlled

Episode dated, 14 July 2015. When should medical marijuana be used? How should it be used? There is a new medical marijuana device that may revolutionize marijuana use. Medical marijuana is getting a high tech makeover. Sjqe Medical, an Israeli company, has invented a metered dose pocket size cannabis inhaler that is available in 2015, […]

Dr Phil 07032015 Mother and Daughter Fight over Children

This is a war of words, this mother, Brooke, and her mother, Marsha, have aggregately written Dr. Phil 23 times. Brooke claims her mother is verbally and mentally abusive and and keeps Brooke’s children in the basement. In addition, she claims Marsha calls her bosses and landlords saying she is a prostitute. Marsha says her […]

The Biggest Loser Recap: News of returning contestant sets Rob Guiry on emotional rollercoaster (1/15/15)

01.15.15 biggest loser

Not a single contestant of The Biggest Loser: Glory Days was sent home last week….yet. Sure, the producers decided to take out the yellow line (and elimination) in the process but somebody from Comeback Canyon will still be joining the Top 4 (Toma Dobrosavljevic, Lori Harrigan-Mack, Sonya Jones and Rob Guiry). And if you think […]