Recap; Planned Parenthood Executives Harvesting fetuses to support their extravagant lifestyles


Aired on 27 July 2015. With allot of videos flooding the internet about Planned Parenthood (PP) hacking-up and selling body parts of helpless fetuses, an organization of hackers known as 3301 hacked into PP’s computer system and acquired the email addresses of hundreds of their employees. The hacker, known as E for the 3301 organization, […]

60 Minutes Recap; who is living next door? America’s most wanted found after 14 Years in Santa Monica, California

Segment aired 26 July 2015. James J. Bugler, nicknamed Whitey, a notorious Boston gangster and most wanted fugitive for over 14 years, was found in Santa Monica, California living with his long-time girlfriend. Two FBI agents finally caught him with the help of an alley cat and some breast implants, according to the report. Living […]

The Doctors Recap; grossly thin or morbidly overweight are both unhealthy

dr. oz

Episode aired 24 July 2015. There is risk associated with obesity. Cancer, heart-disease, diabetes, stroke and joint problems, to mention a few, are all associated with obesity. There is an increased likelihood of premature death. Decreasing the length and quality of life later-on is a big issue. We should also have a global perspective as […]

The Doctors Recap; dangerous foods that interact with medications

Episode aired 22 July 2015. There are some dangerous food and medicine interactions that people should know about. Grapefruit juice can interact adversely with certain drugs. Researchers have found that a molecule in grapefruit and grapefruit juice that can inactivate drug metabolizing enzymes in the liver allowing certain drug levels to build up in the […]