60 Minutes recap; Senators and congressmen are more concerned with themselves than with our country

60 Minutes

Segment aired 23 August 2015. Senator Tom Coburn announced that he has prostate cancer and will be resigning from his position 2 years early. Colburn is an obstetrician who has delivered over 4,000 babies and he has been a powerful government force against government spending. He opposes gay marriage, he is against abortion rights and […]

Inside Edition Recap; Donald Trump demeaned by nonobjective ABC reporter Tom Llamas


Segment aired 20 August 2015. Donald Trump speaks to a packed audience of 2,500 people. This rally was broadcast live to the cable news channel. Donald says, he knows the system better than anybody and he will bring back the jobs from China. He is standing firm on his immigration position. Donald refers to children […]