Dr. Oz 5/5/2015: The Pegan Diet From Dr. Mark Hyman


Dr. Oz is known for bringing out controversial diets and eating plans and Mark Hyman is on the show today promoting his new Pegan Diet. The name suggests that this is some kind of blend between a vegan diet and a paleo diet but it goes a lot farther as the eating plan allows a […]

Dr. Oz Showcases 5 Step Plan To Increase Energy In 10 Days

01.07.15 dr. oz

The Doctor Oz Show today, April 1, 2015, showcases Oz’s exclusive 10 Day Plan to Boost Energy and get rid of the daily doldrums. Just 5 simple steps that include deep breathing, fiber, protein, and even refreshing iced tea with pineapple. One controversial suggestion was Tyrosine. Tyrosine, according to Oz, helps the body process proteins […]

The Chew: Ultimate Game Day Grub (01/30/2015 Recap)

The Chew: Ultimate Game Day Grub (01/30/2015 Recap)

The Chew gets ready for the biggest sporting event in the country, the Super bowl. Clinton Kelly begins the show with corndogs, loaded potato skins and pigs in a blanket. Carla predicts that she would watch the game. They began the ultimate chili cook off with Symon and Mario and the guests for the day […]