The Talk Recap: Eric McCormack & Adewale Agree on “Butts as New Boobs” Craze (2/21/14)

2.21.14 the talk

The Talk digged in about buttocks that’s apparently taking America by storm. Sports Illustrated’s 50th Anniversary issue had its models’ backsides facing the cameras, a revelation that butts are now the new boobs. Sara Gilbert understood the craze since this part of the body is rarely seen exposed to the public eye. Enhancing the buttocks […]

The Chew Recap: Wayne Brady Spices Up Comfort Food Friday (2/21/14)

2.21.14 the chew

The Chew’s extra-value Friday episode was all about comfort food. Television personality Wayne Brady was on hand for an alternative to the classic American favorite fried chicken. While on the topic of everything related to gastronomic cheer, the hosts picked up on matters that could generally result to a little discomfort. Topping the list is […]

Judge Judy Directs Uncle to Pick Up Belongings From Niece (2/20/14)

Judge Judy Directs Uncle to Pick Up Belongings From Niece (2/20/14)

Judge Judy Sheindlin directs Richard Granado (left, photo) to pick up his belongings from his niece Mellisa Wada(right)’s house. The judge dismisses Melissa’s counterclaim for rent, property damage and breach of privacy. Judge Judy also awards $1,500 each for a dog bite and for furniture that an ex-couple had owned. The judge dismisses Ginny‘s suit against […]

Katie Recap: Jordan Davis’ Mom Contends Stand-Your-Ground Law’s Failure in Valuing Life (2/20/14)

2.20.14 katie

On Katie, Jordan Davis’ parents described the anguish they endured for the death of their 17-year old son, one which resulted from an altercation over loud music in a parking lot on November 2012.  Jordan died before reaching the hospital, suffering from gunshot wounds inflicted upon by Michael Dunn (in Jacksonville, Florida). Jordan’s case reflects […]

Dr. Oz: Ambien Causes Car Accident (2/20/14)

Dr. Oz: Ambien Causes Car Accident (2/20/14)

Today, The Dr. Oz Show tells us to stay in bed when we take Ambien. And: Use a Lemon Sugar Licorice Scrub for sun-damaged hands. And: Antiseptic mouthwashes can destroy your good bacteria,  increase your blood pressure and increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. Gargle only for 30 seconds max, and only at night. […]