Undercover Boss Recap: HS Senior Rewarded w/ College Scholarship by Utah Jazz’s Greg Miller (2/28/14)

2.28.14 undercover boss

Basketball  fans will get a kick out of Undercover Boss tonight as Greg Miller, dubbed as the face of the Utah Jazz, goes undercover. Greg, who manages over 80 businesses (across the country) of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, will be focusing on the company’s basketball organization to ensure that his father’s vision […]

Judge Judy: $ 500 for Jack Russell (2/28/14)

Judge Judy: $ 500 for Jack Russell (2/28/14)

Judge Judy Sheindlin awards $500 to Trina so she can buy herself a Jack Russell. Her ex-boyfriend Michael, whom she had lived with, keeps TJ, their Jack Russell. The 3 of them had lived together with 2 of their other dogs until Michael moved out. The judge then dismisses Lee Payne’s rent and eviction fee case […]

Dr. Oz: Jen Arnold’s Upsized Chemo (2/28/14)

Dr. Oz: Jen Arnold's Upsized Chemo (2/28/14)

Today, The Dr. Oz Show warns us that if you press on a swollen body part like your eye or foot, and you see dimpling, it could mean a kidney problem that needs immediate medical attention. If you have an upset stomach, remember BRAT: banana, rice, applesauce and toast, low fiber foods that give your […]

Dr. Phil to Help Cuckolded Wife to Stand on Her Own (2/28/14)

Dr. Phil to Help Cuckolded Wife to Stand on Her Own (2/28/14)

Dr. Phil will give “specific help” to Deb to help free her from her cheating husband David. Dr. Phil will also help cyberchondriac Brettania, for her stress and anxiety. Pfizer’s Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall tells Brettania to make a list of her symptoms before searching on the internet, limit herself to 15 minutes and 3 sites like […]

Katie Recap: Amanda Lorah Recounts Traumatic 5-year Jail Time Imposed by Convicted Judge Mark Ciavarella (2/27/14)

2.27.14 katie

Katie featured two of the thousands of young people who suffered from the cruelty of judgment rendered by former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella. The scandal, which broke out in 2009, brought to national attention of Ciavarella’s corrupt practice of sending juveniles with trivial misdemeanor cases to detention facilities in exchange for kickbacks from juvenile […]