60 Minutes Recap 11/17/13: Landfillharmonic’s Recycled Instruments

60 Minutes Recap 11/17/13: Landfillharmonic's Recycled Instruments

60 Minutes’ high-touch story is about the kids’ orchestra from trash-picking community Cateura, Paraguay. Landfillharmonic has gotten invites to perform around the world. And: Some of Guantanamo Bay‘s 11-year prisoners cannot be tried because of weak evidence. And: Warren Buffett and the Gateses founded The Giving Pledge, a group of billionaires who promise to give […]

Undercover Boss Recap: Gratitude & Brotherly Love Engulfs Dutch Bros. Coffee Owner (11/15/13)

11.15.13 undercover boss

Undercover Boss gets caffeine-high with brotherly love as it follows Dutch Bros. Coffee’s President and Co-Founder Travis Boersma. Dutch Bros. is the largest privately-held coffee drive-through company in America. The company is located in 7 states with 202 stores and 2,000 employees. Travis and his brother built the company from the ground-up, with momentum picking […]