Mad Money Recap: How To Steer Clear From Market Confusion; More Profitable Cloud Companies (11/21/13)

11.21.13 mad money

The markets surged today after yesterday’s dismal performance, a clear indication that the latest release of the Federal Open Market Committee minutes is just a thing of the past. Mad Money with Jim Cramer has always reminded investors to do research and does so again in light of yesterday’s classic case of panic selling. Investors […]

Judge Judy: $ 2,900 for Horse Boarding and Vandalism (11/21/13)

Judge Judy: $ 2,900 for Horse Boarding and Vandalism (11/21/13)

Judge Judy Sheindlin awards $2,900 for horse boarding fees and vandalism: $2,400 for boarding, and $500 for vandalism. She then dismisses a rental suit. The judge then awards $450 for a month’s unpaid studio rental and  dismisses the damage suit. Lastly, Judge Judy awards $300 to Jaylee Watman for rent that she paid in advance […]

Dateline NBC Recap: David Pietz’ Story of Ambition and Double Life Leads to Guilty Verdict (11/20/13)

11.20.13 dateline nbc

On the day Martin “David” Pietz was sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment for murdering his wife Nicole, the victim’s mother (Gael Schneider) forgave her former son-in-law and stated that she won’t let him rule her life anymore. Dateline NBC provides the details behind Gael ’s stinging words (her photo appears in this recap). In […]