The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Going Vegetarian For Rapid Weight Loss Is A Myth (5/29/14)

5.29.14 dr. oz

Losing the excess weight in your body at a fast rate can be extremely frustrating when you realize that your preferred diet program isn’t working the way it’s supposed to be. The Dr. Oz Show gave clarity on three specific extreme weight-loss plans that can mess up your metabolism, all because the goal and process have been lost in translation. Foremost of these diet myths is going vegan which backfires when used as a tool in rapidly losing weight. A vegetarian lifestyle has a lot of health benefits but doesn’t yield the same when used as a diet plan. The…

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Differentiating Heartburn From Heart Attack Saves ER Trip (5/28/14)

5.28.14 dr. oz

A lot of people often blur the lines between heartburn and a heart attack, a lot of which end up in unnecessary trips to the emergency room (ER). On The Dr. Oz Show, the cause of heartburn was expounded on; the symptoms between these two medical cases were also distinguished in aid of viewer education. Everybody experiences heartburn at one point in our lives: the lucky ones seldom suffer but those exposed to trigger factors agonize through the effects. No matter how common it is, heartburn still remains one of the misunderstood cases and often mistaken for a heart attack…

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Lea Michele Imparts Natural Detox Recipes (5/22/14)

5.22.14 dr. oz

Glee’s celebrated actress, Lea Michele (photo in this recap), earned high marks for utilizing natural ingredients in ridder her body from toxins and impurities. On The Dr. Oz Show, she shared her concoction of anti-bloating juice and a refreshing facial masque, both of which she uses on a regular basis. For someone who looks so lively, alert and active, Lea lends a lot of credibility to her recipes. Lea’s detoxifying techniques came out of a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle. Episodes of acne breakout, the tendency to overwork, continuous travelling and overall stress drove her to discover natural remedies….

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: How Supermarkets Manipulate Emotional Eating (5/21/14)

5.21.14 dr. oz

A substantial amount of materials on emotional eating have been around for some time but one thing that consumers need to know is that this unhealthy habit is exercised with an immense degree of freedom in supermarkets. The manipulative design of supermarkets was highlighted on The Dr. Oz Show, showing how they play up to one’s indulgence in unhealthy food at a cost way beyond the budget. The sneaky yet profitable supermarket code was largely based on the results of New York Times journalist Michael Moss (photo on this recap) whose 6-year research led him to conclude that nothing is…

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Peaches Prevent Breast Cancer By 40% (5/20/14)

5.20.14 dr. oz

Cancer prevention over treatment is now creating waves. This is largely due to the high cost of finding a cure. On The Dr. Oz Show, the latest study released by the Harvard School of Public Health confirmed that peaches contain a trifecta of cancer-fighting components that can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 40%. According to cancer expert Dr. William Li (photo in this recap) from the Angiogenesis Foundation, the cancer-fighting ingredients in peaches were found out to work together and prevent tumor growth. This fruit can be consumed fresh, canned (without sugar) or frozen. The optimal serving size per…