12.15.14 the voice2

The Voice Recap: Final sing-off spawns radio-friendly hits from Matt McAndrew & Craig Wayne Boyd (12/15/14)

Dec 15, 2014

Season 7’s  finale performances on The Voice may have been statistically skewed towards Team Adam’s favor but one thing’s for sure: the veteran coaches (Adam Levine and Blake Shelton) were armed to the teeth to ensure an even playing field for finalists Matt McAndrew, Chris Jamison, Craig Wayne Boyd and wildcard winner Damien. Tonight, the artists performed thrice featuring a duet with their mentors, coaches’ picks and original materials. The competitive spirit was raised to an all-time high with superb performances where each of the artists’ musicality came through. Come decision time, my vote boils down on airwave potential. Yes,…

12.12.14 2020

20/20 Recap: The art of sales pitches ranges from good, bad and the ugly (12/12/14)

Dec 12, 2014

20/20 turned its investigative resources to the art of sales pitches and provided a lot of interesting angles that sales people cover to make that much needed sale. Featured in tonight’s episode are tech mogul Robert Herjavec (photo in this recap), young entrepreneur Asia Newson and two glaring examples of the ugly side of sales. The art of selling can be taught. Robert Herjavec, more popularly known as the young-at-heart guru on Shark Tank, delved on the possibility of transforming individuals into great sales people. Herjavec became fascinated with sales after witnessing how a man was able to sell a…

12.12.14 shark tank

Shark Tank Recap: 8th grader Andrea Cao lauded for developing QFlex, selling door-to-door (12/12/14)

Dec 12, 2014

Shark Tank loves entrepreneurs who get out of their comfort zone to sell their products. Eight grader Andrea Cao (left in photo of this recap) falls in this category after developing a massage tool with her mother’s help. QFlex is a personal massager that follows the system of acupressure. All the Sharks were in awe at how Andrea sold the product from door-to-door, eventually gaining popularity through word of mouth from those who’ve tried the product. Did she and her mom get a deal? Find out in our recap of this episode. To date, Andrea and her mother Hong have…

12.12.14 dateline

Dateline NBC Recap: Paul Curry slowly poisoned wife for months while professing love & devotion (12/12/14)

Dec 12, 2014

Dateline NBC pursued the medical mystery surrounding the death of Linda Curry. It took 2 decades after her death in 1994 before a new team of investigators finally solved the problem. The Southern California beauty was murdered and all clues led to the person she married a third time: Paul. Linda and Paul (photo in this recap) met in 1989 at work in a Southern California power plant. Linda was a well-loved individual with a promising career who hoped to find lasting love with Paul. He, on the other hand, was every woman’s dream: extremely smart (a nuclear physicist, MENSA…

Dr Phil 12 Dec

Dr. Phil Recap (12/12/14): Unarmed deaths

Dec 12, 2014

Dr. Phil’s episode today focused on unarmed people getting killed and the shooters not being indicted. On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was confronted by the police on suspicion of selling illegal cigarettes. He kept telling them to stop harassing him but suddenly, Eric was in a chokehold. Unarmed and confused, Eric struggled and kept screaming “I can’t breathe!” before losing consciousness. Medical examiners ruled the death ‘s decision a homicide and that Garner’s death resulted from neck compressions. The grand jury’s decision not to indict any of the officers involved with this sparked turmoil. Eric’s sister, Ellisha Flagg, along…

Health TV

12.18.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Jennifer Aniston discovers truth in pain medication addiction for new film (12/18/14)

Jennifer Aniston (photo in this recap) has finally earned her spot as a serious actress. On The Dr. Oz Show, the Friends star was far from the girly-girl & rickety character she’s been known to portray on TV (and in a lot of her films). Aniston opened up about the things she’s done and went through to get in character of a women suffering from addiction to pain medication as a result of chronic pain arising from an accident. Read more on our recap of this topic. I’ve never been much of a fan of Aniston and have yet to see…

12.17.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Health awareness stories; the woman who read her heart attack symptoms right (12/17/14)

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, several success stories of viewers were revealed and how they were able to save their own lives after being guided by episodes featured on the show. These individuals took their cue ranging from symptoms to steps on reversing their medical conditions. Having nursed themselves back to good health, their experiences attest to Dr. Oz’s campaign that we need to be on top of our health on a daily basis. Please read on for our recap on this topic. Sarah’s heart attack symptoms. She was 31 when she suddenly had an abnormal case of exhaustion,…

12.16.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: JJ Virgin’s sugar step-down test group lost average of 10 lbs & sweet tooth (12/16/14)

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, people who substantially taper off or even wean themselves from sugar are shown to be a lot more mentally focused, energetic and slimmer. This is a direct result of author JJ Virgin’s (photo in this recap) 3-week sugar step down plan. Virgin attested that in a test group of 700 individuals, an average of 10 pounds were shed off just 2 weeks into the program. Much better is losing that sweet tooth that’s responsible for constant sugar craving. Why is sugar independence so important? Find out in our recap of this topic. There’s no…

12.15.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Vitamin D supplement is best absorbed in the body when taken with largest meal of the day (12/15/14)

The single most important nutrient that 3 out 4 Americans are lacking today is Vitamin D and The Dr. Oz Show singled out the best ways of getting sufficient amounts in order to combat medical conditions that are usually associated with Vitamin D deficiency. Most important in today’s discussion is the fact that body absorption of this important vitamin is best achieved through a supplement taken with the day’s biggest meal. Find out more in our recap of this topic. While it’s true that the sun is the best is the best source of Vitamin D, a lot of Americans…