12.12.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Paleo diet’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties manage pain for life (12/12/14)

Dec 12, 2014

The Paleo diet’s growing popularity is largely due to its substantial weight loss effects but on The Dr. Oz Show, its ability to manage and even eliminate persistent body pain became a discussion topic. The Paleo diet calls for food sources rich in Omega 3, immunity-boosters, anti-oxidants and are anti-inflammatory; all four are essential properties in aiding the body to naturally abate pain for life. Joining Dr. Oz expound on the topic is Paleo follower Mark Sisson (photo in this recap) who authored the book, The Primal Blueprint. Sisson has been an advocate of the Paleo diet after getting relief…

The Chew 12 Dec

The Chew Recap (12/12/14): Brooke Shields shows off her crafting skills

Dec 12, 2014

On The Chew today, they showed us different ways to trim our trees as sent in by some viewers, as well as personal input from the hosts. It looks like Carla’s the only one who has her Christmas tree up. Their guest co-host Brooke Shields is putting up her Christmas tree on the 18th because she wants her tree to be fresh and not brittle. She has 2 children ages 8 and 11 , but only her 11-year old is allowed to text BUT Brooke has the password, she needs to see what is being texted, and there’s only a…

12.11.14 biggest loser

The Biggest Loser Recap: Top 7 now in singles mode; Super Bowl hits Comeback Canyon (12/11/14)

Dec 11, 2014

All bets for teams were off in The Biggest Loser: Glory Days as the top 7 contestants reached the individuals-level of the competition. After a damper on overall weight loss results in the previous week, the competitors in the ranch vowed to get back on the right track. Over at the Comeback Canyon, Bob Harper was the most excited as he finally got the opportunity to train two former NFL players, Damien Woody (currently back-to-back champion in this part of the woods) and challenger Scott Mitchell (eliminated from the ranch when he failed to lose any pounds). The highlight at…

12.11.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Lean muscle build-up plays a big role in stopping aging (12/11/14)

Dec 11, 2014

Ever wondered how you can make yourself look and feel younger without surgery? Today on the Dr. Oz Show, the best kept anti-aging secrets were unlocked, all aiming for the build-up of lean muscles. Based on studies, more lean muscles are associated to feeling and looking better as these burn stored fats while keeping one younger and stronger. According to Dr. Oz, older people who have more lean muscles are fitter and stronger even if they’re biologically older viz-a-vis their younger counterparts who have less of these muscles. He added that lean muscles are vital in keeping us young, lithe…

The Chew 11 Dec

The Chew Recap (12/11/14): The Chew crew to the rescue!

Dec 11, 2014

On The Chew today, they became superheroes and helped people out with prepping for the holidays. The Chew crew answered some rescue questions. Clinton recommended keeping the receipt for the gift for your brother’s new girlfriend just in case they break up. Michael said that crispy flat cookies are the best cookies in the world. They also talked about hooking up where the Xerox machine is back in the day, and Daphne gets teased about her age. They then shared some new gadgets and things to check out. The crumb catcher got Michael to roll his eyes and he demonstrated…

Health TV

12.18.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Jennifer Aniston discovers truth in pain medication addiction for new film (12/18/14)

Jennifer Aniston (photo in this recap) has finally earned her spot as a serious actress. On The Dr. Oz Show, the Friends star was far from the girly-girl & rickety character she’s been known to portray on TV (and in a lot of her films). Aniston opened up about the things she’s done and went through to get in character of a women suffering from addiction to pain medication as a result of chronic pain arising from an accident. Read more on our recap of this topic. I’ve never been much of a fan of Aniston and have yet to see…

12.17.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Health awareness stories; the woman who read her heart attack symptoms right (12/17/14)

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, several success stories of viewers were revealed and how they were able to save their own lives after being guided by episodes featured on the show. These individuals took their cue ranging from symptoms to steps on reversing their medical conditions. Having nursed themselves back to good health, their experiences attest to Dr. Oz’s campaign that we need to be on top of our health on a daily basis. Please read on for our recap on this topic. Sarah’s heart attack symptoms. She was 31 when she suddenly had an abnormal case of exhaustion,…

12.16.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: JJ Virgin’s sugar step-down test group lost average of 10 lbs & sweet tooth (12/16/14)

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, people who substantially taper off or even wean themselves from sugar are shown to be a lot more mentally focused, energetic and slimmer. This is a direct result of author JJ Virgin’s (photo in this recap) 3-week sugar step down plan. Virgin attested that in a test group of 700 individuals, an average of 10 pounds were shed off just 2 weeks into the program. Much better is losing that sweet tooth that’s responsible for constant sugar craving. Why is sugar independence so important? Find out in our recap of this topic. There’s no…

12.15.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Vitamin D supplement is best absorbed in the body when taken with largest meal of the day (12/15/14)

The single most important nutrient that 3 out 4 Americans are lacking today is Vitamin D and The Dr. Oz Show singled out the best ways of getting sufficient amounts in order to combat medical conditions that are usually associated with Vitamin D deficiency. Most important in today’s discussion is the fact that body absorption of this important vitamin is best achieved through a supplement taken with the day’s biggest meal. Find out more in our recap of this topic. While it’s true that the sun is the best is the best source of Vitamin D, a lot of Americans…