11.14.14 2020

20/20 Recap: Modern family and dating set-ups feat. Kayden Kross, Tinder & sperm donors (11/14/14)

Nov 14, 2014

20/20 took a deeper look on the modern set-up and schemes that now constitute families and dating. If the TV series Modern Family talks about the formation of family ties that goes against traditional practices, 20/20’s feature stories tonight affirms that the customary set-up may just be getting an upgrade in the fibers of society. Today’s recap focuses on three interesting scenarios that can open a discussion on their merits and potential disadvantages especially for people who still hold on to time-honored practices on the aspect romance and building a family. Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara. The engaged couple were…

11.14.14 shark tank

Shark Tank Recap: Food portfolio expands w/ dairy-free cheese & vegan popcorn (11/14/14)

Nov 14, 2014

Tonight on Shark Tank, we saw Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran expanding their investment portfolio with more interesting food items. Lori sealed the deal for the expansion of Heidi Ho dairy-free cheese while Barbara sought to help a brother-sister tandem in developing the distribution of their vegan popcorn line, Pipsnacks. Heidi Lovig’s Heidi Ho. Chef Heidi calls her dairy-free line of cheeses as the future of its kind, offering great taste without suffering from the health risks involved in eating regular cheese. Heidi needed $125,000 for working capital as her business is about to take off with more distribution offers lining…

11.14.14 dateline

Dateline NBC Recap: Michelle Despain argues she was “used” by her father in husband’s murder (11/14/14)

Nov 14, 2014

Today’s featured story on Dateline NBC can be considered as one of the cruellest crimes ever planned on a family member. In August 2011, realtor Marc Despain (photo in this recap with wife, Michelle) was found murdered in his own home by his wife. The crime had Michelle and her parents accusing Marc’s father, Jack, especially since father and son had a history of falling out Family feud. Marc and Jack had a falling out stemming from two incidents. The first transpired when Marc left the Despains’ family business after Marc failed to get a bigger share of the money…

11.14.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Contrast hydrotherapy is holistic approach to counter muscle pain & injuries (11/14/14)

Nov 14, 2014

The Dr. Oz Show navigated through the benefits of 4 scientifically accepted holistic treatments for various medical conditions. These treatments cater to maladies ranging from body pains, inflammation, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and injuries. As an alternative to drugs, this approach is largely safe and often without side effects. Leading the list is contrast hydrotherapy or the alternate use of hot and cold water to address chronic pain, stiffness and muscle pain. Not only is this easy to do, it also maximizes the therapeutic powers of water. According to Chinese medicine doctor Mao Shing Ni (photo in this recap),…

11.13.14 biggest loser

The Biggest Loser Recap: Woody Carter raises the bar following team switch-up (11/13/14)

Nov 13, 2014

Week 10 on The Biggest Loser: Glory Days tracked the repercussions of a major revamp in the ranch which evened-out the number of contestants in each team. Four of the formidable White Team members found themselves in new teams, of which, Sonya Jones had the most difficult time coming to terms with working alongside Dolvett Quince (Red Team). Sonya’s former teammate and now with the Blue Team, Howard “Woody” Carter (photo in this recap), took the change astride; with a new coach rallying him on, he set a standard with a whopping 15-pound weight loss in a just a week….

Health TV

11.21.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Water & protein bars are essential items for emergencies (11/21/14)

The Dr. Oz Show had weatherman Sam Champion sharing his tried and tested survival guide as America heads for another extreme winter season. Scientists have already observed deep columns of artic air moving into the country and the entire eastern region is expected to experience below average temperatures. In the event of snowstorms, Champion’s most useful tip is to stack up on water and protein bars. Find out more in our recap on this topic. Champion’s winter survival guide is an accumulation of his experiences of being out even during extreme weather conditions. You can say that these are practical…

11.20.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Radical & restrictive Whole30 diet devoid of cheats, grains, legumes & dairy (11/20/14)

Re-setting one’s relationship with food only takes 30 days. This was the biggest claim by Whole30 founders Dallas and Melissa Hartwig on The Dr. Oz Show when they discussed the merits of their diet program. There’s nothing scientific about 30 days but the Hartwigs believe that this period of time is a generally achievable goal for people who want to reclaim their healthy habit of food intake, fully emphasizing that this is more than just another fad diet. Whole30 is radical and restrictive as it eliminates cheat days, grains, legumes and dairy from one’s diet and replaces such with whole,…

11.19.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Reducing risk of dementia goes beyond cognitive drills, includes singing & turmeric tea (11/19/14)

The Dr. Oz Show has always been on the lookout for ways to educate the public on reducing the risks of developing critical diseases. Today, with the help of Dr. Sanjay Gupta (photo in this recap), it was established that dementia is all about the reduction in overall brain activity. This is why cognitive or mental exercises alone cannot reduce the risk; it also entails a broader set of activities that challenge the entire brain and some of these include singing, aerobic exercises and drinking turmeric tea. Find out more in our recap of this topic. Dementia was one of…

11.18.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Consumer Reports’ study affirms high arsenic content in brown rice (11/18/14)

The Dr. Oz Show raised the alarm on arsenic levels found in one of the staple foods in the world: rice. Based on the results of a study conducted by Consumer Reports, brown rice has higher arsenic content than its white counterpart and this proves to be a big concern as health experts endorse brown rice for better health. Find out more details in our recap on this topic. Major points of study. According to Urvashi Rangan (photo in this recap) from Consumer Reports, two major points can be gleaned from her organization’s study which started in 2012: one, that…