The Chew 10 Dec

The Chew Recap (12/10/14): A charming country Christmas

Dec 10, 2014

The Chew goes for a country Christmas. Daphne and Clinton said they’re not done doing their Christmas shopping and what do you know – Michael says he’s all done to Daphne’s disbelief. Daphne loves loves loves the Habanero glazed skin of Michael Symon’s Christmas Ham which she claimed to be mauling since the ham was brought out to them on the set. For their Holiday Food New Update, a couple in Utah warned their 3 sons that if they did not change their disrespectful ways, Christmas would be cancelled. There were mixed reactions about this. Some think it’s too harsh…

12.10.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Expert claims rising incidence of women taking antidepressants is unacceptable (12/10/14)

Dec 10, 2014

More and more American women are now being prescribed of antidepressants and The Dr. Oz Show explained why this drug has now become the 3rd most common prescription drug in the US. To date, 1 in 5 women is into the drug and the reasons aren’t necessarily for combating depression. An expert psychiatrist deems this incidence as an alarming sign of over-prescription, one which she describes as unacceptable. Find out more in our recap on this topic. Two mothers who agreed to be in the show revealed different experiences with antidepressants. One found the drug working for her, saying that…

Dr. Phil 10 Dec

Dr. Phil Recap (12/10/14): Cougar-cub romances

Dec 10, 2014

Today on Dr. Phil, 2 cougar and cub couples talk about their respective relationships. Pi, a 58 year old woman claimed that she and a 24 year old man are in love. That’s a 34 year difference! She loves younger men because of their hair. She even disses Dr. Phil about this. She has loved younger men even since high school. Pi thinks Love is love and that you do not know where you can find it so she just grabs it. Dr. Phil confirms with Pi that it’s ok for these cubs to be smart and she doesn’t care if they’re…

12.9.14 the voice luke

The Voice Recap: Top 3 named; Damien, Sugar Joans & Luke Wade in tight race for wildcard spot (12/9/14)

Dec 9, 2014

Today’s results show on The Voice made its mark as the most thrilling to date, well, probably next to the finale. For the first time in the show, a wildcard entry will get a second chance to get in the finals and the fans get to determine which of the 9 eliminated artists who made it to this season’s top 12 will get that coveted spot. Let’s start with the big names: going into next week’s finals, in no particular order, are Chris Jamison, Craig Wayne Boyd and Matt McAndrew. Without any doubt, all three were phenomenal in their performances…

12.9.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Barbra Streisand talks of advocacy for women’s health, anti-discrimination (12/9/14)

Dec 9, 2014

The Dr. Oz Show had the spotlight on one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry, the legendary Barbra Streisand (photo in this recap). Barbra candidly talked about her advocacy in fighting against discrimination in women in the medical field, especially in the area of heart disease. Find out more in our recap of this topic. Barbra’s efforts have culminated in the Fight The Lady Killer campaign, an effort to heighten women’s awareness on heart disease with the help of medical experts and celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson and Edward Norton. Based on medical developments, the songstress noted how women…

Health TV

12.18.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Jennifer Aniston discovers truth in pain medication addiction for new film (12/18/14)

Jennifer Aniston (photo in this recap) has finally earned her spot as a serious actress. On The Dr. Oz Show, the Friends star was far from the girly-girl & rickety character she’s been known to portray on TV (and in a lot of her films). Aniston opened up about the things she’s done and went through to get in character of a women suffering from addiction to pain medication as a result of chronic pain arising from an accident. Read more on our recap of this topic. I’ve never been much of a fan of Aniston and have yet to see…

12.17.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Health awareness stories; the woman who read her heart attack symptoms right (12/17/14)

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, several success stories of viewers were revealed and how they were able to save their own lives after being guided by episodes featured on the show. These individuals took their cue ranging from symptoms to steps on reversing their medical conditions. Having nursed themselves back to good health, their experiences attest to Dr. Oz’s campaign that we need to be on top of our health on a daily basis. Please read on for our recap on this topic. Sarah’s heart attack symptoms. She was 31 when she suddenly had an abnormal case of exhaustion,…

12.16.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: JJ Virgin’s sugar step-down test group lost average of 10 lbs & sweet tooth (12/16/14)

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, people who substantially taper off or even wean themselves from sugar are shown to be a lot more mentally focused, energetic and slimmer. This is a direct result of author JJ Virgin’s (photo in this recap) 3-week sugar step down plan. Virgin attested that in a test group of 700 individuals, an average of 10 pounds were shed off just 2 weeks into the program. Much better is losing that sweet tooth that’s responsible for constant sugar craving. Why is sugar independence so important? Find out in our recap of this topic. There’s no…

12.15.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Vitamin D supplement is best absorbed in the body when taken with largest meal of the day (12/15/14)

The single most important nutrient that 3 out 4 Americans are lacking today is Vitamin D and The Dr. Oz Show singled out the best ways of getting sufficient amounts in order to combat medical conditions that are usually associated with Vitamin D deficiency. Most important in today’s discussion is the fact that body absorption of this important vitamin is best achieved through a supplement taken with the day’s biggest meal. Find out more in our recap of this topic. While it’s true that the sun is the best is the best source of Vitamin D, a lot of Americans…