10.17.14 2020

20/20 Recap: Michele Williams lined-up suspects, conflicting stories in hubby’s death (10/17/14)

Oct 17, 2014

Today on 20/20, the only witness to the murder of self-made entrepreneur, Gregg Williams, was put on the spotlight following her conviction for the crime. It should have been a fairy tale story for Michele Williams (photo in this recap, along with Gregg) but it didn’t turn out that way. The validity of her claim that an intruder killed Gregg became questionable following conflicting stories she gave to the authorities, the public and even her own son. Switching stories. Michele’s 911 call came in the early morning of October 13, 2011, claiming that an intruder hit her cheek with a…

10.17.14 shark tank

Shark Tank Recap: Kevin O’Leary demands 50% stake for professional female caddy services (10/17/14)

Oct 17, 2014

Business plans anchored on services come occasionally on Shark Tank and today is one of those exceptional days when the Sharks are offered a chance to invest in Meghan Tarmey  (photo in this recap)for The Caddy Girls. Meghan offered a chance for the Sharks to get involved in the business of golf caddying and the potential to get the professional services of females into the golf market. Unfortunately, she hit a wall when a majority of her prospective investors failed to see how the business can go big given its nature. Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary demanded a 50% stake and…

10.17.14 dateline nbc

Dateline NBC Recap: Frank Howard’s kids believe his innocence in bankrolling hit on wife (10/17/14)

Oct 17, 2014

Tonight, Dateline NBC examined the details surrounding the point-blank shooting of Nancy Shore on August 2012. Nancy (photo in this recap, along with husband Frank) was attacked in her home in the upscale side of Carrollton, Texas and shot above her left eye.  Miraculously, Nancy survived and lived on to face the harrowing revelations that came out. Her life took a turn for the worst when police linked Frank to the incident, pinning him down as the mastermind behind a plot that was 3 years in the making and involved a lot of money. Here’s our recap of the story….

10.17.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Eben Alexander says science alone can’t explain heaven & reincarnation (10/17/14)

Oct 17, 2014

Today, The Dr. Oz Show featured a former skeptic of the near-death experience and a believer of today’s one of the most controversial insights on heaven and reincarnation. Dr. Eben Alexander (photo in this recap) affirmed, among which, the existence of heaven, our ability to access heaven through meditation and the reality of reincarnation. Dr. Alexander’s claims are based on his research and personal experiences and he believes that the proofs go beyond material science. Also in this recap are Dr. Oz’s answers to concerns on the Ebola virus. Proving spiritual beings. Dr. Alexander had a 25-year career as a…

10.16.14 biggest loser

The Biggest Loser Recap: Matt Miller springs back, pushes limits with Mike Murburg (10/16/14)

Oct 16, 2014

The 6th week of The Biggest Loser: Glory Days will be remembered as the time where Matt Miller (photo in this recap) and Mike Murburg found friendship as the biggest push factor in their recovery from personal setbacks. Last week, Matt was automatically eliminated from the ranch after registering a three-pound loss that fell below the red line. In Comeback Canyon, Matt recovered his bearings in the company of Mike and Bob Harper. Whether Matt’s change of attitude and perspective were due to the absence of the pressure in the ranch or simply an acceptance of the “nothing-to-lose” mindset, there…

Health TV

10.28.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Anti-aging effect of man-made HGH lacks proof, supplements are scams (10/28/14)

Today, The Dr. Oz Show clarified critical facts related to man-made human growth hormones (HGH) to warn users and potential individuals. The big question: if man-made HGH promises youth, why are some doctors and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) against it?  Endocrinologist Jeffrey Mechanick’s (photo in this recap) succinct reply was that there is no available literature that supports such claim; worse, a study conducted on such was misinterpreted. As such, there is no definite proof that the benefits of HGH injections far outweigh the negative impacts and that dietary HGH supplements sold online are nothing but scams. Here’s…

10.27.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: After surviving Ebola, Dr. Rick Sacra plans to help in re-building Liberia (10/27/14)

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, hopes were very high with the appearance of Ebola survivor Dr. Rick Sacra (photo in this recap). Dr. Sacra is an American medical missionary in Liberia who victoriously overcame the virus and is now Ebola-free. Amidst his most harrowing experience in his life, the good doctor (together with his wife) expressed immense gratitude at the level of health service he received in a Nebraska medical facility. Dr. Sacra also has big plans of returning back to Liberia to help rebuild the country that has been his home for the past 15 years. The anxiety…

10.24.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: The Skinny Gut Diet promotes bacterial balance, permanent weight loss (10/24/14)

The Dr. Oz Show provided an insight on why weight loss just seems so impossible especially to those who constantly exercise and reduce food intake. As it turns out, weight that keeps creeping back even after the unwanted pounds have been shed off is due to bad bacteria, specifically fat bacteria, which overwhelms the population of good bacteria found in the intestines. Here’s our recap on this topic. Permanent weight loss happens in the kitchen. If fat bacteria in the intestines are the culprit behind the piling of pounds in our bodies, it follows that the process of taking these…

10.23.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Study confirms properly stored food is safe & good even after expiration date (10/23/14)

The Dr. Oz Show featured a new study which confirms with finality that properly stored food are still safe to eat and do not cause food-borne illnesses even past the expiration dates indicated in labels. According to ABC journalist Jeff Rosen who covered the joint NRDC-Harvard study, the dates stamped in labels are largely manufacturers’ codes which consumers can easily decode. Also in the recap are Dr. Andrew Weil’s natural remedies to common medical conditions, inclusive of indigestion, oily skin, insomnia and gout. Decoding dates on labels. Expiration dates are currently forcing Americans to throw away about 160 billion pounds…