9.4.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Review: Effective & Natural Ways Of Losing Weight, Part 1 (9/4/14)

Sep 4, 2014

There are a lot of options to lose weight but when it comes to food intake, Dr. Oz supports methods that do away with fad diets as these pose more risks than benefits. Our review now centers on the natural weight-loss plans featured on The Dr. Oz Show this year. Eating Every 3 Hours To Reduce Body Fat. Frequency of eating is critical in reducing body fat and stimulating metabolism. New studies show that our bodies need to be energized every 3 hours to increase metabolism and decrease the build-up of body fat. Dr. Oz recommends food intake in two…

9.4.14 rachael

Rachael Ray Show Review: Light & Refreshing Suppers W/ Lettuce Wraps (9/4/14)

Sep 4, 2014

Among the meals we take throughout the day, the common practice is to have a light supper. New research efforts also show that people who eat light at dinner and make this the last meal for the day are likely to have healthier and leaner bodies and are able to ward off any tendency to gain weight. For Rachael Ray, lettuce sandwiches or wraps are excellent examples of light and refreshing dinner meals that can be made in various ways. Quick Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps. TV personality Sunny Anderson presents her lettuce wrap with an Asian twist. Her filling is…

9.4.14 the chew

The Chew Review: Michael Symon’s Most Wanted Dishes, Part 3 (9/04/14)

Sep 4, 2014

Our review on Michael Symon’s most wanted dishes continues with the third part of this series. The notable host of The Chew is capable of doing just about any dish, even when he’s subjected to the show’s once-in-a-while 5-minute cooking challenge. Without much ado, here’s the next batch of my favorites from Michael. Brooklyn Blackout Cake. This luscious dessert is loaded with layers of chocolate and crème. The cream mixture has egg yolks, sugar, cream, milk and more chocolate. For the icing, Michael goes for cream cheese and a small portion of salt. Chocolate Snowball Cake. This sweet treat is…

9.3.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Review: Products, Practices That Pose Higher Risks To The Body, Part 3 (9/3/14)

Sep 3, 2014

Today, we’re bringing you Part 3 of our series review on trendy products and practices featured in The Dr. Oz Show. We emphasize those that are currently being pursued for their reported benefits and show why Dr. Oz thinks that their accompanying risks far outweigh whatever good they can provide. The information provided below are quoted from Dr. Oz’s reports as part of his continuous effort to evaluate what are truly beneficial to the human body.  If you missed the previous parts of this series, please click on the following links: Part 1 and Part 2. The Corset Diet. Corsets are…

9.11.14 rachael ray

Rachael Ray Show Review: Sumptuous Home-made Snacks To Go (9/3/14)

Sep 3, 2014

With students going back to school this season, Rachael Ray produces an array of snacks-to-go recipes. Here’s a review of these treats, highlighting their sumptuous ingredients and serving suggestions. Fresh Vegetables and Roasted Carrots Dip. This healthy snack features chilled fresh vegetables such as zucchini, bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots and celery. These are highlighted by a dip made out of roasted carrots blended with non-fat Greek-style yogurt and the juice and zest of lemon. Salt and pepper are used to season the dip. Sesame Popcorn. This snack entails the regular process of popping corn kernels which are later flavored with…

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9.15.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Lifestyle change starts with losing red meat to lose weight (9/15/14)

The Dr. Oz Show tackled the very specific case of Sheriff Don (photo in this recap) who needed help on how he could bring back good health and good quality of life. Don had issues with his weight and the fact that he was taking 14 different kinds of medication to address his health issues. He was advised to follow a major lifestyle change to lose weight, improve his health and pass the physical exam required by his job to get back on track. Other topics tackled in the show are the dangers that edible marijuana present to children, why…

Dr. Oz Sneak Peek: Overdosing on caffeine powder will kill you (9/12/14)

Dr. Oz Sneak Peek: Caffeine powder can kill you (9/12/14)

Today on The Dr. Oz Show, America’s favourite doctor splays out a white substance before his audience. It looks like cocaine. It’s not. It’s caffeine powder. The two look almost identical, and yes, both can kill you if taken in excessive amounts. Caffeine powder use has become such a trend that even the Food and Drug Administration has warned against the purchase of pure powdered caffeine sold on the internet. In fact, an Ohio high school honor student put the use of the substance into the spotlight when he was found dead due to caffeine overdose. It’s easily bought in health…

9.11.14 dr. oz

The Dr. Oz Show Recap: Multi-dose flu vaccines contain potent neurotoxin (9/11/14)

The Dr. Oz Show raised the alarm on multi-dose flu vaccines: they still contain thimerosal which poses a high risk to the American public. Thimerosal is an organic compound which contains the metal mercury. This is infused in drug and biological products for its powerful preservative nature to ensure that vaccines remain safe from bacterial contamination. The risk, however, is that thimerosal is scientifically proven to be a potent neurotoxin which is linked to autism. This very concern is discussed in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak, where scientific studies and evidence-based results prove just how…

9.11.14 rachael ray

Rachael Ray Show Review: Tasty substitutes to traditional beef burgers, Part 2 (9/11/14)

Rachael Ray provides more options for people who love variety in their burgers. Her alternatives to classic beef patties consist of healthier ingredients without diminishing great flavors. For those who remain loyal to beef burgers, it wouldn’t be too bad checking out these dishes. Here’s part 2 on our review series on substitutes to traditional burgers. If you missed our first review on this topic, please click on this link. Buffalo Turkey Sliders. The patties are made from ground turkey breast and sauteed vegetables consisting of finely chopped celery ribs, carrots that can either be grated or chopped, onions and…