The Voice Recap: Usher’s Suspenseful Final Steal is Cierra Mickens (3/25/14)

3.25.14 the voice

Now it can be said: Usher has a penchant for suspense and he did it with such gusto on The Voice’s final battle night. So you can imagine the interspersed emotions that Cierra Mickens (photo in this recap) went through in a span of seconds: from the time Shakira dropped her from the team to the moment Usher pushed his button for a steal. The result was nonetheless dramatic and to a certain extent, very pleasurable to see the Alaskan powerhouse overwhelmed with relief for a chance to move on to the next round. For Usher, his belief in Cierra has…

The Voice Recap: No 2nd Chance for Country Duo Alaska & Madi (3/24/14)

3.24.14 the voice

Week 2 of The Voice’s Battle Rounds was bittersweet for Alaska and Madi, the duo I’ve been looking forward to seeing once more after their cool audition that had Blake Shelton rooting for their success. Unfortunately for the two best friends, they had to go against Audra McLaughlin whose country sound connected more with their mentor. The duo had their final performance this season when they failed to impress Shakira and Usher for a steal. During their auditions, Alaska/Madi  (photo in this recap) and Audra exuded the classic country sound that has been tattooed on my mind so it was…

The Voice Recap: Delvin Choice Pushes The Limits w/ Aloe Blacc Cover (3/18/14)

3.18.14 the voice

Night 2 of The Voice’s battle rounds was a revelation of Adam Levine’s efficient mentoring skills. When he paired Caleb Elder and Delvin Choice, Adam immersed them in an Aloe Blacc song (The Man) to see which pushed harder to get the song’s rhythm right. Comeback kid Delvin was a natural and let the soul in his voice work its magic. Despite experiencing some setbacks in front of Aloe during rehearsals, Delvin took notes on mastering the song’s technical challenges. He delivered power in the most natural way possible, to the point that Usher felt he was taken to church….

The Voice Recap: Sisaundra Lewis is Team Blake’s Legit Powerhouse (3/17/14)

3.17.14 the voice

This season on The Voice, Blake Shelton officially holds an ace in his hand and it could possibly propel him back to the top. Four-chair turner Sisaundra Lewis was on fire, slashing and hewing all the notes with so much edge, she made Paula DeAnda look like her back-up singer. Sisaundra (photo in this recap), Celine Dion’s vocal director in her 5 world tours, was a sight to behold and all the coaches could only string out praises for her incredible talent. Sisaundra and Paula’s battle was inspired by last season’s finale duet between Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera (Do What…

The Voice Recap: Doughnut Man Caleb Elder is Adam’s Wildcard (3/11/14)

3.11.14 the voice

Four sweet spots were left on the final night of The Voice’s blind auditions, one each in Teams Adam, Shakira, Usher and Blake. With all the coaches resolutely trying to win this season, errors do not have room for the aspiring artists. More than the vocal highs, tonight was just an array of high and low emotions. We witnessed Caleb Elder go from a timid-looking doughnut shop cashier to a gnashing vocalist that had Adam convinced that this guy is the right wildcard in his team. Read on for details of tonight’s episode. As mentioned above, Caleb didn’t look like…